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North American Yak

Meet the herd


What is a yak?

Bos Grunniens, The 'Grunting Ox'

Domesticated yaks (Bos Grunniens or the grunting ox) are thought to have been domesticated by Qiang herdsmen on the Tibetan (Qinghai) Plateau around 4,500 years ago. The Tibetan culture of the Himalayan Plateau is intertwined with yak just as Native American Plains Indian culture is intertwined with the American Bison. Anthropologists have said that humans could not have colonized and lived on the Tibetan Plateau without assistance from yaks. Because they domesticated yaks, Tibetan plateau peoples were able to use not only their meat, hair, hides and bones but also their milk, and as pack animals.


Yaks have handlebar horns, shoulder humps, horse-like tails and long shaggy skirts hanging nearly to the ground. Yaks can live up to 20 years and more. Cows average about 600-800 pounds and around 4.5 feet at the hump. Bulls average 1200-1500 pounds but can reach over 1600 pounds. Standing 6.5 feet at the hump, bulls can be impressively large. Members of the bovine family, yaks come in several colors or color types.

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What we offer

  • Registered Breeding Stock
  • Yak Meat
  • Yak fiber and clothing
  • Starter herds

it's all about the bull..

Our Bulls


Our Bulls

The #1 rule in the yak world is; "never trust a bull." That being said, all our bulls are docile and easy to handle. Our reasoning for this is to be able to move bulls around on the ground, doctoring them, and they tend to throw docile babies. Each bull is unique in personality, looks, and pedigree.


We offer

  • Breeding services
  • Bull leasing
  • Sales *not all bulls are for sale*

Meet the herd

Any color, size, pedigree, you name it.



Starter Herds available


Starter Herd

You may hand pick a starter herd package of available animals. Generally, Starter herds start at $10,000.00 but will vary depending on the animals you choose. All starter herds include a foundation registered bull. 



  • Foundation Bull
  • registered or unregistered cows
  • bred or calves at side cows
  • or starter packages of weanlings