Pettee Ranch LLC

19398 US HWY 285
Fairplay, CO 80440



We are a small local ranch that raises North American (originated from Tibet) Yak for all purposes including; fiber, meat, breeding stock, and beast of burden. We pride ourselves on being good stewards of the land, using grazing dynamics to aid in the health and function of the ranch as a whole, creating healthy happy yak.



Bow Creek Ranch— is operated by Doug and Stephanie David. We are located in Northwest Kansas raising and selling registered and crossbred yaks and quarter horses. 

Front Range Yak Co. — Created in partnership by Bow Creek Ranch located in Lenora, KS and Pettee Ranch located in Fairplay, CO. Together these two encompass the Front Range of Colorado selling delicious, wholesome, and consistent tasting yak meat. 

South Park Trout Several historic ranches have been secured for fly-fishing (only) through our online reservation program. Anglers simply need to select one of our properties and pay the daily rod fee to fish a private trout stream. Fees range from $50 to $80 per person depending on the ranch. A maximum number of anglers (rods) per day has been established for each property.



Pettee Ranch is historically the Hall Ranch. Homesteaded in 1907, this ranch was the cow camp of the day. Located south of the mining town Fairplay, the ranch was ran by Charles L. Hall whom later became the sheriff of Park County, CO. Today, many of the original outbuildings still exist. Pettee Ranch, the name, was founded in 2005 by Steve Pettee jr. Steve purchased his first yak in 1999, starting with 3. Steve's daughter Daniele (Garner) Pettee took over the ranch with her husband in 2014 and has since developed the yak program into a local agricultural business comprised of over 70 head of yak. 



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