Pettee Ranch LLC
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Ranch management consults, fishing, North American Yak

Pettee Ranch. Inspire.



We are a small local ranch that raises North American (originated from Tibet) Yak for all purposes including; fiber, meat, breeding stock, and beast of burden. We pride ourselves on being good stewards of the land, using grazing dynamics to aid in the health and function of the ranch as a whole, creating healthy happy yak.


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The Herd

Registered yak for all disciplines.



Delicious & wholesome. Once you go Yak, you never go back!


Fiber & Clothing

Kitting, spinning, felting, and wearing. This high quality fiber will keep you warm and loving the utter softness.


Ranch Management Consulting

Small acreage, plant issues, herd health help. Our expertise can help you in all aspects. 



South Park Trout offers private fly fishing on historic ranches in Park County, CO.

An experience like nothing else